John Charles Rees QC specialises in heavy crime and serious fraud in particular. He has been involved in numerous high profile murder trials. He has taken on HMRC in several MTIC (carousel fraud) cases and the SFO in serious fraud cases such as the 'IKEA' and 'Imperium Corporation' cases. He has an enviable success rate. He has represented several solicitors charged either with defrauding the legal aid fund or private clients, with a 100% success rate.

"John Charles Rees QC is universally regarded as 'the best criminal Silk in these parts', 'exceptionally gifted and fearless in all he does'."

"John Charles Rees QC retains his reputation as the best in Wales: 'if you haven't called him for a case by 9:30 on Monday morning, the other side will have him already' said one solicitor."